Completing Achievements gives players rewards in the form of XP and Amber. Achievements will also appear in Game Center; each Achievement giving Game Center points, as well as in Google Play Game Services. 

Achievements Description Reward
Return of the Riders Finish the tutorial 100 Amber
Trolling the Enemy Build a Troll Tower 5 Amber
Better be mine Upgrade an Iron Mine to level 2 1,000 Lumber
One, two, tree Upgrade a Lumber Depot to level 2 1,000 Iron
Wood aficionado Build a new Lumber Depot 1,000 Iron
A Better Castle Upgrade the Castle to level 3 3,000 Lumber
Let's go Raiding! Finish a Raid against another player 5 Amber
Break a few eggs... Hatch 15 Eggs 10, 15, 20 Amber
Strength in numbers Create/Join a Guild 30 Amber
For Great Honor Reach 750 Honor 20, 30, 400 Amber
Dragon Rider Command a Dragon 50 times in battle. 5,10,15 Amber
Epic! Hatch an Epic Dragon 10 Amber