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Mark of the Dragon is the most immersive combat strategy game on mobile! Put your creativity together in building the world's strongest Kingdom!

What is Mark of the Dragon?

Combine your favorite dragons to breed an exclusive legendary dragon! Battle with players worldwide to steal resources, Honor Points, and precious dragon eggs while defending your kingdom from other players' invasions! Collect over 33 dragons and thrill as you fly them into battle! 

• Breed & Control Your Dragons
- Combine your two favorite dragons to breed a legendary dragon!
- Collect numerous dragons and thrill as you fly them into battle!
• Multiplayer Raid Battles
- Battle with players worldwide to steal resources, Honor Points and precious dragon eggs!
- Build the ultimate defense to protect your kingdom from other players' invasion!
• Mighty Guilds
- Join together with friends to establish an undefeatable guild!
- Compete and dominate other guilds to stay on the top of the ranking charts!
• Achievements
- With over 70 objectives, there's always a new challenge to overcome!
- Earn exclusive Ambers through your achievements!
• Story Mode
- Complete the heroic quest to defeat the evil sorcerer Zap!
- Command hundreds of troops and dragons to get revenge in an epic campaign!
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After completing the tutorial, players will have the option to choose which rider they want to be. Each rider has a specific perk that is advantageous for the player.

Rider Perks
Water Kingdom Rider Your troop's attacks will be more powerful. 
Air Kingdom Rider You will be able to use your Dragon's special attack more often.
Fire Kingdom Rider Your Dragon's basic attack will be more powerful.
Earth Kingdom Rider Your Dragons will have more Hitpoints.
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